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About us

We promote sustainable products from plants that exist naturally in Amazon and Andean forests. By doing so, we preserve the forest habitats and empower local communities. Producing and selling native fruit products provide people with an alternative fair income. Farmers engage with the conservation of their forests, making them key actors for solving environmental issues in the region. 


For our customers we provide innovative tastes with amazing colors, offering completely new food experiences. By promoting healthy fruit, each with unique nutritional properties, we enrich our customer’s diet. All of this, while knowing where the food we consume comes from and how it is produced.

We bring amazing tastes of natural forests 
to your food products!

We offer natural fruit pulps or pasteurized purée from a variety of fruit types. The pulps and purées are easy applicable and perfect to make sauces, drinks, desserts or other food creations. The fruits are available in bags of 1 kg. We deliver in Switzerland. Are you abroad? Contact us to find a solution. If you don't know our fruit, we happily get you to taste them, contact us!


Because of its high amount of vitamin C, it qualifies as superfood. It has 50 times more vitamin C than oranges. Clearly sour and intense, it is great for drinks.



The world-famous Physalis peruviana has its origin in the Andean forest. It has an exceptional taste. Named after the world-famous Machu Picchu, Aguaymanto is also known as Pichuberry. 


Also known as the Inka's Gold, Lucuma is a treasure due to its extraordinary taste, texture and natural sweetness. Consumed by ancient civilisations of the Americas, Lucuma is now the favourite fruit of the Peruvian cuisine.


Occurring mainly in the forests of Madre de Dios, the most biodiverse region of the Amazon forest, this cousin of the Cacao has an incredible taste and amazing aroma. 



Cocona is the tomato of the jungle. Omnipresent in the sweet and savoury cuisine of Western Amazonas, Cocona is eaten fresh or used in sauces or juices.

Camu camu

Currently not available

We know where our fruit come from,
how they grow and protect the forest.

"We believe we need to give a new value to our pristine forests and to the ancestral knowledge from communities that live within it. To this end we are tailoring natural products from the Amazon rainforest!"

Bruno, Co-founder
Christine, Co-founder

"We create a perfect win-win situation: The producers gain a fairly paid access to the market and the consumers have the chance to get to know and love amazing new fruit. And is there anything more beautiful than trying new tastes?"

Flora, Food Specialist

"The transformation of fresh fruit into a tailored product with a longer lifespan allows diverse uses and applications of the product, to the benefit of producers and consumers"

Efrain, Manager Peru

"The Amazon forest provides diverse ecological services, one of them is the unbelievable variety of fruit. Thanks to the knowledge of Amazonian cultures, these tastes could be developed and are now ready to be shown to the world."

Contact us for any question!

Zürich, Switzerland

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