We offer natural and pasteurised fruit pulps from native plants of the Amazon and the Andean forests. The fruits, such as Camu Camu, Copoazu, Lucuma, Cocona and Aguaymanto are just delicious and have unique nutritional values.


This fruit pulp is just perfect to make sauces, bowls, juices, desserts, ice creams, smoothies, yogurts and cocktails!


Occurring mainly in the forests of Madre de Dios, the most biodiverse region of the Amazon forest, this cousin of the Cacao has an incredible taste and amazing aroma. 


Also known as the Inka's Gold, Lucuma is a treasure due to its extraordinary taste and texture. Consumed by ancient civilisations of the Americas, Lucuma is now the favourite fruit of the Peruvian cuisine.


Because of its high amount of vitamin C, it qualifies as superfood. It has 50 times more vitamin C than lemon. Clearly sour, it is also sweet and makes for great desserts, ice cream or juices. 


Omnipresent in the sweet and savoury cuisine of Eastern Peru, Cocona is eaten fresh or used in juices, ice creams or sauces. Some described it as a flavour explosion.


 What did the Inkas made their ceviche from if the Lemon was later introduced from the old world? Passiflora tripartita


The world-famous Physalis peruviana has its origin in the Andean forest. It has an exceptional taste. Named after the world-famous Machu Picchu, Aguaymanto is also known as Pichuberry. 


Coming from a naturally abundant palm tree in the Amazon forest, its taste is only surpassed by its nutritional value. A great amount of estrogen makes it ideal in the diet of breastfeeding mothers.


It would need more than a four lines description to really grasp what the magnificent Bertholletia excelsa means for the Amazon forest. When we think of sustainable agroforestry this giant tree comes naturally as the long term goal.

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